Following Brexit's further delay, and the news that Theresa May is still prime minister, some people have lost all hope in democracy.

But they probably weren't expecting to find the actual death of democracy being mourned in The Times today. Yes, really.

Readers were left confused when, upon closer inspection, they saw an entire section in the in-memoriam page of The Times dedicated to 'democracy'. It read:

Democracy on 29th March 2019, aged 312. It was with sad regret that Democracy died quietly in her sleep at 11pm on the 29th of May.

The cause of death was listed as:

The case of death was by foul play and the culprits have yet to be brought to justice. 

Democracy campaigned for the rule of law, human rights and free elections. 

She listened to everyone and favoured the majority in all her decisions.

Regardless of what happens next, let's hope that 'Democracy' will resurrect from the dead soon, and make a much-anticipated comeback.

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