The Tories tried to get #VoteConservative trending on election day and it backfired in a big way

It started off as a jolly little campaign. Instead of using #BackZac2016 (because it really looks like he won't win) Conservative HQ decided that the best coordinated hashtag for people to tweet, for nationwide appeal, was #VoteConservative.

The early tweets went out...

...with support from the big names...

...and the goal to get it trending in the UK was achieved. 1-0 to the Tories, right?

Not really. A closer look at the tweets that make up the majority of the hashtag show that it didn't really go to plan:

They're all along a certain theme, although some deal with specific policies and departments.

Or tropes.







Of course, the Conservatives won't mind that much, given that Twitter skews younger and is really not any kind of barometer for an election - does anyone remember last May?

It's a nice reminder to the Conservatives that they may as well not bother on Twitter.

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