You are more likely to spill an Americano than you are a latte, according to some important new science.

That's right. Researchers from France and the US have discovered that adding just a little bit of foam could be the answer for any bleary-eyed caffeine addict prone to spilling their morning pick-me-up.

The research, published in the Physics of Fluids journal, was initially conceived when one of the academics, Emilie Dressaire, picked up a particularly foamy latte at Starbucks and realised she didn't really need a lid to stop it spilling.

She reported her breakthrough moment to colleagues at Princeton University and they said they had noticed a similar phenomenon with another foamy liquid - beer.

While I was studying for my PhD in the south of France, we were in a pub, and we noticed that when we were carrying a pint of Guinness, which is a very foamy beer, the sloshing almost didn't happen at all.

  • Alban Sauret, researcher
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