The UK is the 10th highest source of migrants for the rest of the world

Louis Dor
Thursday 23 June 2016 11:00
British ex-pats in Benalmadena, Spain

The UK has been overrun, sullied by a swarm of economic migrants who have come to take our jobs.

This is the line that many would have you believe.

It is an idea that has pervaded, and now immigration is one of the largest talking points in the EU referendum.

Sadiq Khan addressed this when he accused the Leave campaign of being "Project Hate" at the BBC's EU referendum debate on Tuesday.

Your campaign hasn't been Project Fear. It's been Project Hate, as far as immigration is concerned.

Now, everyone is allowed an opinion on immigration, no matter how ill-thought-through or poorly informed, that's the point of a democracy and the point of a referendum (although the way you vote in the EU one should probably be about all facets of membership).

So let's provide you with a bit of information, courtesy of the UN Population Divison and Statista.

The UK was the 10th largest source of migrants in 2015 and the top ranked EU country.

And here's how the world looks in terms of migrant populations in 2015.

International migrants as a percentage of a country's total population

The UK is in the 10 to 15 per cent bracket, with 13.2 per cent.

We rank 80th in the world for 2015 in terms of international migrants as a percentage of our population, according to the UN.

In terms of total number of international migrant stock, we rank fifth for 2015, with 8,543,120.

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