The map of the United Kingdom according to Urban dictionary

Stereotype maps seem to be what everyone loves.

Google has long been a source for finding underlying queries about a place - it helped us make our stereotype map of Britain's counties.

A recent map of San Francisco according to Urban Dictionary piqued our interest though, and we had to borrow the methodology for the UK.

We used the first entry that showed bigotry we could find for each city, country or town and filled up the map with the most prejudiced phrases we could publish.

We should point out, it's written on Urban Dictionary, so they're not our views, we've slightly censored things, and they're all from roughly 2006 (it's a bit of a graveyard now).

Anyway, here's your Urban Dictionary map of the UK.

Click here for the full-size image.

Complaints to @LouisAlexDore on Twitter (please don't, I won't read them).

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