This video proves we've got a long way to go when it comes to sexism in advertising

You may think overtly sexist images of women emblazoned with catchy slogans about why X,Y,Z product will change your life are antiquated nonsenses firmly confined to the past.

You are wrong.

But the #WomenNotObjects campaign is calling bulls--t on advertising standards with a video championing the controversial idea women are living, breathing human beings and not objects.

I love giving blow jobs to sandwiches

Sure thing Burger King

I love sacrificing my dignity for a drink

Cheers Skyy vodka

I love sleeping with guys that don't know my name

Thanks Post-it

The key to my heart? A man that smells like a vagina

Because sex sells, right!?

In less than three minutes, here's a reminder women are still soulless commodities whose bodies are used to push perfume, fast food, make up, handbags, health insurance, cars, beer, mobile phones, cruises for the elderly, cat litter, bleach, shampoo, pay-day loans, happiness...


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