Psychologists and therapists are sharing on Reddit the things that their patients think are normal that are actually red flags for deeper problems.

One Reddit user asked, "Psychologists, Therapists, Councilors etc: What are some things people tend to think are normal but should really be checked out?"

The answers were, well, interesting.

A person said:

People normalize abusive behaviours by loved ones all the time. Being able to identify your own personal boundaries and then enforce them with others for your own wellbeing is, unfortunately, not innate.

Another said

It took me years to realise it isn't normal to be completely terrified of your parents, and that it's not normal or healthy to be emotionally abused by them, either.

A lot of the answers surrounded abuse and abusive behaviour. One post said, "Child Psychologist here. It bugs me how much parents don't think they're responsible for their kid's behaviour."

Another said:

Self-sabotaging behaviour can ruin your life quickly. If you have an event in your life that has affected you negatively and you seem to find yourself exhibiting irrational or incongruent behaviours- see a counsellor.

A psychotherapist brought up something that many people might identify with unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Unhealthy coping mechanisms. For example, drinking "to relax" frequently or smoking a lot. Even something like promiscuity can be a red flag that a person is trying to avoid dealing with something stressful by distracting themselves.

They added that they also see patients who don't realise what self-harm is, and added that another red flag is:

Normal child/teen behaviours that are not actually normal, like running away or getting into fights.

The thread is eye-opening and might make you realise some behaviours you didn't even know you had.

H/T Someecards

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