There are at least two serious problems with this Donald Trump tweet

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There are a lot of things it's safe to assume Donald Trump doesn't know.

Astrophysics, for example. Or rocket science. Or how to bake a really good gluten-free Black Forest gâteau.

But one thing we assumed Trump did know was the difference between climate and weather.

Apparently not. After hitting the links for a third straight day at his Palm Beach golf resort in Florida, with the sun in the sky and temperatures at a balmy 22 degrees Celcius, the former reality TV star pulled out his phone and tweeted this:

Basically, what Trump is insinuating is that "good old global warming" couldn't possibly be a real threat because it's cold outside. You can see his logic.

The problem is, weather and climate aren't the same thing. As Nasa explains:

The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time. Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere 'behaves' over relatively long periods of time.

In fact, 2016 was the third consecutive hottest-year-on-record - and the World Meteorological Organisations says that 2017 is easily going to top it.

But as with most of Donald Trump tweets, there was a counter-tweet already in place to show how wrong the 45th president of the United States really is. And this one comes from the Washington Post's weather reporters, the Capital Weather Gang, who tweeted nearly two days prior to Trump:

They called it.

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