There's a belly flop championship in Norway and we want it in the Olympics

Picture: Dagbladet/YouTube screengrab
Picture: Dagbladet/YouTube screengrab

As enjoyable as the Olympics are, it can make the rest of the world (the non-Gods) feel quite mortal.

Luckily Norway has the answer: Belly flopping contest.

The Olympics can be a bit humourless. Everyone seems a bit intense and competitive. So Norway, being the funky Norway that it is, is pioneering a new sport, for we the regular people.

Belly flopping.

Video: Dagbladet/YouTubeFrognerbadetPoolside

The idea is to create the biggest splash at the end of the drive. Other criteria on which contestants are marked includes the speed, height and power in the jump, style in the air; width of the body's spread, and the timing of the curl.

See you at the Olymics, Michael Phelps.

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