There was an attempted military coup in Turkey and Labour is somehow making things even worse for itself

The past month has been like no other in recent memory. Following Brexit on 23 June, we've had a tanking economy, the release of the Chilcot report, resignations across the political spectrum and even a new prime minister.

Just as we thought things were starting to calm down, we've witnessed another horrific terror attack in France, and an attempted military coup in Turkey.

One constant, however, has been the meltdown within the Labour party.

As well as a series of resignations from the shadow cabinet, a leadership challenge from two MPs and death threats to the party's politicians, some have been left frustrated by the leader's silence despite the Tories announcing what has been described as the "most right-wing cabinet in modern times".

In fact, Jeremy Corbyn's approval ratings hit an all-time low this week.

But if you thought events in Turkey would be a time for Labour to sit back and return to some semblance of normality, you'd be wrong.

MP Jon Trickett tried to liken the attempted coup in Turkey to the leadership challenge within Labour

Via Matt Chorley

Although he did later delete it an apologise.

As did Corbyn supporters after former shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn tweeted his concern...

Via Jim Waterson

And deputy leader Tom Watson appeared to try to score petty political points on Boris Johnson

Via Andrew James

Although a spokesperson for Watson later explained to indy100:

He was making the point, in a very polite way, that it would be a good idea to publish a link to the relevant part of the FCO website. Which is not a cheap shot at all.

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