Theresa May has just left Downing Street for the last time, taking to the podium in the scorching sunlight to thank her colleagues for their service as Boris Johnson headed for Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen and claim her job.

Turning to thank her husband Philip - stood beside her - for his support and encouragement during her tortuous three-year reign, defined by bad dancing, fruitless wrangling with Brussels and thwarted votes in the Commons, May's heartfelt tribute was drowned out by a man shouting: "Stop Brexit!"

As the outgoing prime minister cocked an eyebrow to comic effect, Philip ad libbed: "That wasn't me."

Recovering quickly, May said:

The answer to that is, I think not.

The good folk of Twitter were less than kind in their reactions as Theresa May was driven away for the final time, free at last to frolic through as many wheat fields as she likes in splendid obscurity.

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