Theresa May has done another awkward curtsy to Prince William

Getty Images; Press Association

You know Theresa May's bizarrely low curtsy?

Yep, that's the one: where she looks as if she's lunging her legs to death at a hardcore gym class, rather than attending a formal ceremony.

If you can't recall, you're in for a treat, as the curtsey has risen - well, lowered, seriously lowered - itself into our lives once more.

As the prime minister greeted Prince William at a ceremony marking the centenary of the First World War Battle of Amiens, she sunk so low that her knee almost hit the floor.

Yet, somehow, she still looked steady nonetheless. It is strangely impressive.

Picture:Picture: PA

The internet is in awe of the almost sarcastically low depth of the curtsy.

We should also take time to remember past curtsying highlights, such as when she met Prince William during a visit to a new rehab centre.

When she met the Queen.

And an agonisingly large number of other times.

People just can't get over it.

Perhaps we should thank May for gifting us with a touch of hilarity among the Brexit-laden misery currently wafting out of Westminster, not to mention the "blatant Islamophobia" from her former secretary, Boris Johnson. How kind.

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