Theresa May blasted Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs and now everyone is comparing her to Thatcher

Theresa May took to the despatch box for her first PMQs as prime minister on Wednesday.

It was thought the former home secretary's performance might be a bit dull, but she withstood the pressure like an absolute pro. May managed to run circles around Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn even better than her predecessor David Cameron:

It was, in a word, brutal.

Commentators are agreed that May handled the challenge as comfortably as if she'd been doing PMQs for years.

Which has, inevitably, drawn comparisons with, umm, the only other female prime minister we've ever had.

We don't know about you, but we got chills.

All in all, May's commanding performance does not bode well for Corbyn and the opposition benches. Channelling her inner Thatcher or not, she battered him.

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