Theresa May used a £400 pen with a gold nib to sign Brexit letter

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Wednesday 29 March 2017 11:15

Today, Theresa May signed the letter and sent it to the European Council, signalling the triggering of Article 50.

Those across the country who voted for the UK to leave the EU will be relieved; many of them hoped Brexit would give voters their voice back, and allow us to "take back control".

But there's one small thing. And we really hope it's not a metaphor for things to come.

It's been pointed out that May seemed to use a £400 Parker pen to sign the Article 50 letter.

A Parker pen with a two-tone 18k gold nib, no less.

That's almost half the cost of the average monthly rent in the UK.

It's also £270 less than the average worker's weekly wage.

The choice of a Parker pen also doesn't bode well for the Brexit fallout....

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