It's official: this is Theresa May's worst poll rating yet

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Theresa May's precarious position as Prime Minister has just been dealt another serious blow.

A new poll by Opinium, shows that the Conservative leader and Prime Minister's approval ratings continue to decline compared to approval ratings for the Leader of the Opposition and Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

The poll shows that May now has an approval/disapproval rating of 30/51, whilst the Labour leader has a rating of 41/37 - he's the only party leader in positive net figures.

Labour have the lead in the most demographics in terms of voting intention, with 18-34, 35-44 and 45-54 all backing them, with the Tories continuing to lead in the 55-64 and 65+ age groups.

This will be welcome news for Labour, who continue to have a 2 per cent lead of the Tories in the polls overall, 43 per cent to 41 per cent.

However, it's not all good news for the opposition.

The polling results still show that 36 per cent of the public still feel that Theresa May is better suited to being Prime Minister, with only 33 per cent approving of Corbyn in the role.

Yet, in contrast Mr. Corbyn is the only major party leader to have a positive approval rating of 4 per cent, with May, Nicola Sturgeon, Paul Nuttal and Tim Farron all in negative figures.

Going into last month's General Election, May had a strong lead over Labour which capsized during a chaotic campaign for the PM, dogged by policy u-turns and a campaign commonly seen as shying away from public events and meetings (except with party members).

This impacted badly upon the Tories who lost their majority government and were forced into supply and confidence deal with Northern Ireland's DUP.

Although the next General Election would only be scheduled to take place in 2022, the poll indicates that six in ten UK adults believe that May should resign before then.

Some 33 per cent believe that the current Prime Minister should resign immediately, 16 per cent say she should do so after Brexit negotiations have concluded, and 8 percent say she should go shortly before the next election.

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As for which of her Tory colleagues should replace her, the public don't overwhelming approve of any of the main contenders. When asked who they can see as Prime Minister in future, Boris Johnson leads with only 35 per cent saying 'yes' to the prospect of him in Number 10.

With regards to Brexit, Opiniumhas also found that the UK electorate are coming around to the idea of a second EU referendum, once the terms of Brexit have been negotiated.

They asked:

Once we know what terms the government has negotiated, should there be a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, where voters can choose between leaving under the terms negotiated or remaining in the EU after all?

These results show that since December 2016 support for another referendum has risen from 33 percent to 41 percent, which has been helped by Remain voters who have been swayed on the issue.

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