The DUP's Wikipedia page keeps getting hijacked and it's very NSFW

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A week ago, most people who weren't living in Northern Ireland probably had very little knowledge of the DUP - now they're all everyone can talk about.

People are frantically googling who they are, given that they may well be the party to prop up the Conservative minority government.

Many are not liking what they're seeing. As they're finding homophobia, sexism and Islamophobia.

Some pranksters decided to take advantage of the attention and have been changing the DUP's Wikipedia page into what they actually think about them.

Warning, what follows is very NSFW and features bad language. You have been warned.

The unknown prankster used some very NSFW language to edit their page.

Different versions of the page show different edits attacking the party.

One says:

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is an anti abortion, pro catholic bashing, anti gay political party and the largest unionist political party in Northern Ireland.

Adding 'Adolf Hitler' as their leader and 'Nigel Farage' as their deputy leader. The edits came from an IP address in Willenhall.

Picture:Picture: Wikipedia

It also described the party as "the biggest shower of c**ts in Westminster".

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is the largest shower of c**ts in Westminister and the third-largest in Northern Ireland. Founded by Ian Paisley after f**king a badger paved into a gypsy tarmac.

Later, it was edited to just a picture of a bird, well, erm...

Another edit said:

DUP’s core beliefs include unwavering opposition homosexuality and abortion, and that dinosaurs don’t exist.

They believe their bones were placed there by prehistoric homosexuals with nationalist agendas to fool the “right thinking” people.’

The page is now back to normal and has been locked against further editing.

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