During an interview with ITV, British Prime Minister Theresa May was questioned about how she would be spending International Women's Day.

Towards the end of her discussion with reporter Julie Etchingham, May was asked:

If you could have your perfect get together with your girlfriends away from all the pressures of your job, what would be your perfect night with them and how would you let your hair down?

Her response wasn't exactly clear and did a marvellous job of avoiding the otherwise inoffensive question.

She starts by saying:

Oh goodness me, I mean what a question, and I haven't thought about it because actually my International Women's Day is heavily focused on what we're doing on domestic abuse.

So it's not going to have the time to have the girls around and have an evening together, I'm afraid. That's a rather difficult situation.

Now, as a politician who is the leader of a major first world country, it is unlikely that May has had much chance to relax since she became the PM in summer 2016, so the question probably did catch her off guard.

She also made a good point of highlighting the continuing problem of domestic abuse, which women around the world continue to be victims of.

However, some people feel that she should have attempted to show a little personality and at least not appear so surprised by the thought of having fun.

In contrast, others felt that it was slightly inappropriate to pose such a question to a senior politician who has a very important job and defended her response, with some also pointing out that this kind of question wouldn't be asked to a male politician.


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