Theresa May quoted a cartoon meerkat in response to a question on Brexit. Yes, really

Just when you thought Brexit couldn't become any more bizarre or farcical Theresa May goes ahead and quotes a meerkat from an insurance advert.

During Tuesday's edition of PMQs the SNP MP Ian Blackford called on the Commons to vote to delay Brexit and prevent a no deal. He also claimed that the House "can't trust this prime minister."

In response, the prime minister said:

Can I just say to the right honourable gentleman; if he wants to end the uncertainty and if he wants to deal with the issues raised in response to my statement, then he should vote for a deal. Simples!

There you go then. The leader of a democracy just told one of her political opponents to vote for her deal by quoting one of the cartoon meerkats for the 'Compare the Market' adverts.

Yes, this is a thing that actually happened in 2019 and people couldn't quite believe what they had just heard.

We're sure that Aleksandr was delighted to be referenced in such a manner.

It could also be from The Inbetweeners.

Compare The Market or Compare the Single Market?

Yeah, really cool reference Theresa!

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