Theresa May said the nation needs stability and everyone is making the same joke

Alastair Grant / AP

Theresa May has held her constituency of Maidenhead after the snap election she initially called back in April.

During her post-declaration speech, Mrs May said that the 'country needs a period of stability,' clarifying that the Conservative party would be the ones to ensure that.

The fact that Mrs May has said that we need 'stability' has irked a number of people.

Chiefly because she was the one that called a snap general election, plunging the the entire political system into chaos days before some of the most important negotiations of a generation.

Put simply, people are mad as hell.

Does she not realise the inherent irony?

Is this what 'strong and stable' looks like?

Brexit negotiations are just around the corner.

Maybe, like Alanis Morissette, Theresa May doesn't understand what irony actually is.

The presence of some of her fellow candidates also seemed to undermine this 'stable' country Theresa May was hoping to aim for.

There were also flashbacks to her predecessors.

The coaster trick does work though.

It's just all getting a little too much.

And now, because the song is probably in your head:

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