G20 summit: Theresa May shaking hands with Putin is the most awkward thing you'll see today

Prime minister Theresa May has just met Russian president Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, and it goes without saying that the photographs are very, very awkward.

The pair shook hands at the summit, but neither of them smiled for the cameras, with the prime minister remaining stony-faced throughout.

Associate picture editor at the Mirror Derek Momodu shared the photographs to Twitter, alongside the caption:

Just look at the love here....

Theresa May shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the #G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. 

It goes without saying that other social media users thought that the photographs spoke a thousands words...

Some thought that the prime minister felt liberated now that she's been relieved of her duties, and was able to express her true feelings.

And that the picture had true 'serving your notice' energy.

That's some impressive shade...

While others thought she should have been slightly more polite.

It also got the meme treatment...

It's unsurprising that the prime minister looked less than impressed during her meeting with Russia's president. Prior to her meeting, she called for the suspects in the Salisbury Novichok attack to be 'brought to justice'.

Speaking to ITV, the prime minister said:

It’s not business as usual and it can’t be business as usual with Russia until they stop the sort of acts we have seen them doing around the world.

I want to see the individuals, against whom charges have been brought, brought to justice.

Hold onto your teacups, guys!

HT The Guardian

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