These are most nostalgic countries in the world

Picture: Keystone/Getty Images
Picture: Keystone/Getty Images

Over half of British adults want the UK to be "the way it used to be".

This is according to research, carried out by Ipsos, which showed that 53.5 per cent of the country longed for yesteryears.

As the below chart by Statista shows, only 32.5 per cent disagreed with the notion that the country should be how "it used to be".

The question is very open ended - we assume those answering aren't referring to the years of bubonic plague.

More likely, those responding are thinking back to the hazy days of their childhood with rose-tinted spectacles.

The US was most likely to wish to return to earlier days (68.5 per cent), whereas China was least likely to (22 per cent).

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