These are the 10 best degree subjects for landing a job after university

Following the rise in university tuition fees in 2012, the ability to get a job after graduation (and thus being able to pay off that hefty loan) is becoming ever more important.

According to data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), these are the 10 best universities for landing a job within six months of finishing:

1. Medicine and Dentistry (94.7 per cent in work)

2. Veterinary Science (85.3 per cent)

3. Subjects allied to medicine (79.8 per cent)

(e.g. biomedical science, physiotherapy)

4. Architecture, building and planning (71.3 per cent)

5. Engineering and technology (62.8 per cent)

6. Computer science (59.1 per cent)

7. Education (59.1 per cent)

8. Business studies (49 per cent)

9. Mathematical sciences (47.1 per cent)

10. Social studies (44.9 per cent)

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