These are the most common names for egotistical people, apparently

Picture: Rob Kim/Getty
Picture: Rob Kim/Getty

A little bit of self-love never goes amiss.

Dating website analysed 20,000 profiles to see which ones loved themselves a tad too intensely.

The study had Irish users rank themselves on a scale of 1-7 on faithfulness, sexiness, sense of humour and attractiveness.

Here’s their list of the ten most egotistical male and female names:


1. Declan

2. Frank

3. Conor

4. Brendan

5. Richard

6. Liam

7. Kevin

8. Peter

9. Pat

10. Dave


1. Patricia

2. Susan

3. Paula

4. Angela

5. Yvonne

6. Joanne

7. Ruth

8. Deirdre

9. Fiona

10. Clare


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