(Picture: Matt Cardy/Getty Images
(Picture: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

One in four workers has been hurt while on the job, an online poll of 2,000 employed UK adults has revealed.

More worrying was that, of those, one in three said they needed medical attention and 8 per cent of Britons told Confused.com that they had required surgery after the injury.

The three most dangerous industries were:

1. Construction (31 per cent of deaths)
2. Services (23 per cent)
3. Agriculture (21 per cent)

The construction industry accounted for a third of deaths nationwide, and went against what the public believed to be the most perilous industry, as two thirds said they thought that firefighters or people in the Armed Forces had the most dangerous occupations.

The most common injuries were cuts, then sprains, burns and broken bones.

The most accident-prone jobs in Britain were:

1. Hairdressers and beauticians
2. Electricians or plumbers
3. Police officers

On average, 140 people die from workplace injuries every year in Britain.

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