These are the words Britons most associate with Muslims and Islam

Muslim men break fast with Iftar at the East London Mosque on the last day of Ramadan in 2013
Muslim men break fast with Iftar at the East London Mosque on the last day of Ramadan in 2013

Ahead of Ramadan, the charity Islamic Relief commissioned a poll by YouGov to look at British views about Muslims and their religion.

While they found that attitudes towards taking in refugees - particularly those from predominantly Muslim countries - were hardening, they also discovered some worryingly negative views towards the religion in general.

The charity asked people to name the three words they associate with the term 'Muslim' and found that more think of 'terror/terrorism/terrorist' (12 per cent) than 'faith' (11 per cent) or 'mosque' (9 per cent).

These are the most common words Britons associate with 'Muslim':

Terror/terrorism/terrorist 12%

A religion/belief system/faith 11%

Mosque 9%

Koran/quaran (sic) 8%

Religious 8%

Islam 6%

Extreme/extremism/extremist 5%

Allah 5%

Mohamed/mohammad 5%

Prayer/praying 5%

Anti-women/chauvanistic (sic)/Misogynistic 5%

Devout 4%

Peace/peacful (sic) 4%

Ramadan 4%

Fanatic 4%

Burka/Burqa 3%

Intolerant 3%

Strict 3%

Hijab 3%

Halal 2%

Mecca 2%

Misunderstood 2%

Middle east 2%

Radical 2%

Family 2%

Asian 2%

Levels of awareness around Ramadan itself appear to be slightly higher, with an overwhelming majority of the 6,600 respondents recognising it as a holy month for Muslims. Although worryingly, 15 people thought it was a variety of nut from South America and 24 thought it was an endangered species of amphibian...

Islamic Relief's UK Director Jehangir Malik said the results of the survey were "extremely worrying" because they show that "public attitudes towards Muslims are hugely negative". He added: "It’s time we celebrated the role British Muslims play rather than demonising the Muslim community."

However, perhaps one key insight into the negative attitudes and ignorance towards Islam is revealed in one of the survey's tables asking how much interaction British people have had with Muslims:

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