Le Petit Journal is a daily show broadcast on French TV channel Canal+.

Hosted by Yann Barthès, the show presents the news in an offbeat or satirical way, but in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks it sent its reporters to talk to parents with their children at memorials across the capital.

France has been grappling with how to explain the attacks to its children, but a clip from the programme illustrates how at least one father has gone about doing so.

In an interview filmed amid floral tributes outside the Bataclan theatre, a little boy is asked if he understands what took place on Friday night.

He expresses fears he will have to move house because of the 'bad guys with guns', but his father reassures him:

It's OK, they might have guns but we have flowers.

But flowers don't do anything...

Of course they do, look, everyone is putting flowers, it's to fight against guns.

You can watch the clip, with English subtitles below.

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