This tweet during the Paris terror attacks shows how 'kindness spreads faster than hate'

At least 120 people are dead following a shocking terror gun and bomb attack in Paris on Friday night.

A curfew across the city was declared as police tried to contain the situation and President Francois Hollande closed France's borders as part of the state of emergency.

On social media it quickly became apparent that lost or scared Parisians and tourists were in need of help.

"Porte ouverte", or "open door" in English, was trending on Twitter as people tweeted either their need for a safe place or the fact that they were welcoming those in need into their homes.

As Twitter user Rohan Singh Kalsi watched the tragedy unfold from home in the UK, he sent out a message which was shared 12,000 times as people looked for shelter:

Rohan's tweet about the doors of any Gurdwara being open reminded people that even though the attacks in Paris are already creating ugly racist and xenophobic sentiment, religion is a tool for peace rather than hatred.

Rohan later tweeted that he didn't expect the reaction he got and he was just trying to shine a light for his fellow human beings. "Hate is the cause of all this suffering," he tweeted.

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