Two photos that show what thin privilege looks like


We all look at life through a different lens - but how differently do we experience the world depending on our weight?

Blogger Grace Victory has a theory, and it isn't good news. She tweeted the contrast in reactions to two social media posts - one where a woman is praised for eating a tower of meat, and the other, where a woman is ridiculed for going to the beach in a swimsuit.

Here's a girl who recieved comments of praise for eating a "Big Tower of meat", and the praise she received for it:

And here's another girl, who went ot the beach and got online abuse on return:

The second picture is 13-year-old Paris, who overcame her fear of body shaming and went to the beach to have a nice time.

Paris suffers from a metabolic condition which results in a quick weight gain that she has to work harder to burn off. She was also born with a hip dysplasia, so her left leg is 1.5cm shorter than her other. As a result she has a slight limp.

People agreed with Grace's point:

What do you think?

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