This woman had a perfect response to people who fat shamed her


Dairy Queen recently had a free ice cream day, and, like anyone else on the planet would, Shauna Arocho decided to take advantage of the offer and get herself one.

Arocho, aged 27, has been on a weight loss plan, and has lost 120 pounds so far.

She’s lost 40 pounds already this year, so she decided to treat herself to a free ice cream cone. But she ended up in her car in tears.

She wrote on Facebook:

I am working every single day to better myself. I know that I am fat, I don't need strangers yelling out their car window for me to see that.

Arocho wrote that she gets bullied “very regularly”.

She also posted a video, which has now had more than 100,000 shares, where she says:

I decided to sit outside because it was really warm out today, and as I’m sitting there enjoying my ice cream cone, a car full of men stop in the middle of a busy road, just so they can roll down their window and say ‘eat that ice cream you fat b*tch’.

Arocho has an important message for anyone who’d do the same:

I just don’t understand what people get out of tearing other people down.

You know nothing about my life or circumstances. What if I’d been in such a place that you saying that to me had made me go home and kill myself? I’m not in that place, but I could have been.

What do you get out of making me cry for the last 15 or 20 minutes? People need to really start thinking about what they’re saying and doing before they do it.   

Fortunately we can report that this story has a happy ending. Arocho a huge number of messages and comments of support and love after her video, and she says her "faith in humanity has never been higher":

Someone even made this amazing illustration for her:

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