Picture: I Am All Woman/screengrab
Picture: I Am All Woman/screengrab

A new project celebrating the female body in all its diversity is making waves across social media.

Aptly named the ‘All Woman Project’ the photo collection was created by Les Mijotés and feature models Clementine Desseaux and Charli Howard. Charli was dropped by her agency for being “out of shape”, at a UK size 6-8.

On its website, the mission statement is as powerful as it is simple:

Women are often segregated or stereotypes in fashion and the media; some are deemed the “real” women of the industry, whereas others are deemed “high-fashion” and editorial. Your body shape shouldn’t define your femininity or ability as a woman!

Our physical attributes do not define us as women; our strength and character does. All of this makes us all woman.

Here are the un-Photoshopped photos...

The series doesn't shy away from the female form...

And encourages women to celebrate their diverse body shapes

The campaign has inspired women from all over the world to join in using #IAmAllWoman

Desseaux told Mashable:

We all have physical flaws and imperfections, and that does not make us more or less beautiful...rather than retouching or shying away from them, we should embrace them.

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