This bakery appears to have produced the most misleading sandwich in the world

This bakery appears to have produced the most misleading sandwich in the world

No one likes half portions.

The disappointment of receiving an aesthetically-filled sandwich is appalling.

As many people concurred when a reddit user uploaded an image of their local bakery's effort at big-on-looks, small-on-taste deli action.

From a bakery, no less.

User megacookie commented...

You should have paid for it with a $1 bill folded to look like there were 5 $1 bills.

...which led to an origami discussion about how this could be achieved. Meanwhile others debated about how places with such a clearly deceptive sales tactic could stay open.

However, in a classic move, the poster on reddit appears to have taken the photo from someone on Facebook, whose post on 12 September was shared thousands of times:

Paul Gibbs wrote:

Look at this ham sandwich bought from Bobs Lunchbar on Hull road Mount Maunganui a true example of how you can get had by false advertising, it looked all good in the cabinet, but f--- me look what was inside - eight strips of ham on the leading edge. Please pass this on to everybody you know, to warn others no to go to Bobs Lunchbar.

It's worked, sort of. The photo has been featured in conjunction with the lunchbar so frequently that Google's top image for the establishment is currently of Paul's disappointing sandwich.

Top consumer power there, Paul.

indy100 has contacted Bobs Lunchbar for comment

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