This dictionary definition has made some people very angry

Oxford Dictionaries are facing a backlash online after users alleged that some definitions are sexist.

Artist and activist Michael Oman-Reagan first exposed the issue when he tweeted a screengrab of the dictionary's definition of "rabid", which gave "a rabid feminist" as an example.

Oman-Reagan went on to find a multitude of other allegedly sexist definitions, including "shrill" which gave the example of "women's voices" and "housework" which used the female pronoun "she" in the definition.

Oxford Dictionaries initially reacted to the backlash by implying that Oman-Reagan was a rabid feminist with this tweet:

Later, the publishers spoke out to explain that their "example sentences come from real-world use and aren't definitions".

They also claimed that rabid isn't always a negative word. To which we can only point them in the direction of this excellent reply:

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