In an incident reminiscent of Northern Ireland's #Cakegate, earlier this year Memories Pizza in Indiana caused a stir for announcing it wouldn't cater for gay weddings because of the owner's "Christian beliefs".

Crystal O’Connor made the statement during a TV interview about Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, passed in March this year, which made her standpoint legal.

Since Memories is back in business, when Robin Trevino and his husband Jason Delgatto decided to renew their vows, they thought pizza might be a good way to feed their guests and prove a point at the same time.

Robin filmed himself trying to act "straight and confident" as he drives to the infamous restaurant - and kept his cool even when he was served by O'Connor herself.

After the ceremony, Robin and Jason's guests were thrilled to be told they were eating pizza from Memories. One attendee said:

Memories Pizza! You've broke your cherry [sic] and catered your first gay wedding. Congratulations!

GayCo Emsemble

Congratulations, Robin and Jason!

HT Mic

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