This guy took a selfie every day for eight years and the results are amazing

For most people photo throwbacks to their adolescent youth is a harrowing experience.

Not so for Hugo Cornellier, who took a photo of himself every day (give or take 100 days) for eight and a half years in order to document his development.

Starting at the age of twelve, he chronicled not only his physical development, but also bookmarked important events in his life – his first girlfriend, prom, and his first day in college.

The original YouTube video showing the changes over the years has amassed over two and a half million views.

The Canadian even got a shout out from YouTube on Twitter:

Here's the first photo, at the tender age of 12

At 13 years old...

At 14, with a photobomb from Dad

He's not on his own here either, though his poker face remains intact

At 15, he has his fist part-time job

And at 16, he attended his first prom

And his first day of college

Nineteen years old and moving out of his parents' house...

In a Q&A session on YouTube, he said he plans to continue taking pictures every day.

Here's the full video:

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