There's always that guy at the gym who tries to squat way too much weight, leaves his kit everywhere and is way too loud about it all.

That guy, is this guy. And he's about to get his come-uppance.

Let us set the scene for this drama - we promise it won't disappoint.

Our protagonist, 'Squat Fail Guy', has apparently set himself 855lbs on a bar. He's very happy with himself too and is filming his attempt. Presumably for a montage. Who doesn't love a good heavy lifting montage?

His mates are helping out, but haven't put any clamps on the ends of the bending bar. The twist in our story

He gets ready to take the bar...

Our hero stumbles, it's a harrowing scene early in our tale

But, with a little help, once more unto the breach dear friends, once more...

Dear reader, the scene is set. Truly you are now ready for the magnificence that awaits

There has never been a more mortifying tidying away of weights. We hope.

Watch the full build up in the video, below, or skip to 1:40 for the magic moment:

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