This is how you pass snacks in a fighter jet

Being strapped into a fighter jet for hours on end with all that adrenalin pumping round, it's no wonder pilots might feel the need for a snack now and then.

Mysterious footage has now emerged on YouTube and Reddit of a forward pilot expertly passing a Snickers bar to his partner using nothing but g-force.

Judging by the pattern on their helmets, the pilots are part of the VFA-211 squadron of the US Navy, better known as the "Fighting Checkmates" who fly in F-18 Super Hornets.

Also judging by the very visible logo of the snickers bar and the fact that the video has been uploaded to an otherwise empty YouTube account, this could definitely be an advert - or maybe just two cheeky pilots making sure they don't get in trouble with their superiors.

Although the choice of snack does make sense - what else are fighter pilots supposed to eat in mid-air - this manoeuvre would be nearly impossible with an open bag of peanuts or a handful of skittles.

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