This is the same woman

The image on the left is Michele Valley as she is. The image on the right is the actress after she was transformed into a younger version using digital trickery.

Visual effects specialist Rousselos Aravantinos has uploaded a 30 second video demonstrating the de-ageing effect on Vimeo.

Aravantinos used a programme called NUKE to make the changes, but the general de-ageing process will be familiar to those who have recently seen a young-looking Michael Douglas in Ant Man.

Lola VFX's Trent Claus recently told Vulture about the method, saying: "The most obvious thing is that the skin along the jaw in most people tends to get lower and lower and sag a little bit as you get older. Particularly around the throat and the Adam's Apple area, you’ll get a build-up of extra skin down there. One thing we’ll have to do to de-age someone is restore that elasticity and try to not only to remove the excess skin, but pull it back up to where it once was."

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