This is what happened when three women tried boudoir photography for the first time

Does the idea of stripping down to lingerie and letting a complete stranger take sexy pictures terrify you? What about filming the whole process and putting the video online?

Well spare a thought for three journalists at Bustle, who did just that.

At first the brave volunteers Anna, Kelsea and Marie are hesitant and shy.

Turns out getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers is just as awkward as you'd think.

And putting massive sticky lollipops on your boobs feels a bit weird.

But before long...

They definitely get into the swing of things.

After the shoot, Anna said:

These pictures really capture a confident, sexy woman, but between takes you've got this girl like, not able to walk in heels, and stuttering, so it really shows you how images are just a millisecond of time.

All three women said they enjoyed the experience.

It's just something to be happy with for yourself.

Check out the video below:

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