This is what happens when men are subjected to the pain of childbirth

"It is the most painful thing in the world," explains Dr Yvonne Bohn at the beginning of this video, as four men look back at her with palpable fear in their eyes.

These are the "Try Guys" from BuzzFeed, and for the latest instalment of a series where they try to get to grips with motherhood, they decided to have electrodes stuck to various parts of their bodies to simulate the pain of child birth.

During the video they are talked through exactly the types of pain they are likely to go through and at one stage are given a particularly graphic explanation of what happens in a Caesarean section. At which point their expressions look like this:

Fortunately for the Try Guys, they have a safe word they can use when the pain becomes too much. A luxury no mother across the world has ever had access to.

At the end of the video, one of the quartet, Ned, explains just how grateful he is: "That's a really special feeling to know that someone went through all of that to create you." Hear, hear.

Watch the whole video below:

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