This is when you feel most relaxed on a Friday

You may have yelled, tweeted or texted TGIF the minute you woke up today, but you won’t actually feel free from the week’s anxiety until hours later.

According to a new study the "Friday feeling” is seen as the most relaxing time in our week and the average person feels their most restful at exactly 5pm today.

There is a gender difference: The average man begins to relax at 1pm on a Friday, enjoying roughly 10 hours of downtime over the weekend while women don’t start to feel relaxed until Friday evening, at 7pm. Females also only manage to find five hours of downtime over the weekend.

The research, carried out by AXA, surveyed more than 2,000 people and found women spend more of their weekend worrying about household chores than men. How Victorian.

Overall, the average Briton only finds one hour and 42 minutes of relaxation a day, with money worries being the major distraction to our inner peace.

Here are the top 10 things that prevent people from relaxing.

  1. Money worries

  2. Loud and annoying noises

  3. Household chores

  4. Anxiety about health and fitness

  5. Anxiety about work

  6. Organising plans for the future

  7. Relationship worries

  8. Arguments with loved ones

  9. Worrying about your children

  10. Constant calls, emails and texts

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