Meet the man standing against Grant Shapps. He really is called Michael Green

Earlier this month we learned that a man named Michael Green was so incensed by Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps using "his name" that he decided to stand against him in the general election.

The mystery candidate came to the attention of the nation's media after securing enough signatures to stand for MP in Welwyn Hatfield just minutes before the deadline.

But now, can reveal the face behind the mysterious Mr Green as the artist formerly known as Heydon Prowse - co-creator of the Bafta award-winning The Revolution Will Be Televised.

Yes, Prowse actually changed his name by deed poll in order to stand as an independent against Shapps, who up until at least 2006 - while an MP - was selling a self-help book called Stinking Rich 3 under the identity of 'Michael Green'.

Here is Prowse's we mean Michael Green's campaign video, revealed first to

The real Michael Green told us:

I don’t know much about this Shapps character. According his Wikipedia page he appears to be a canny political operator, a top notch bloke and a demon in the sack...

He added:

I’m not the kind of guy that has much left to prove in life. I’m not going to stand here pretending to know about this politics stuff and pitch you a bunch of fancy policies. But what I do know about is wealth creation – and I’m not just talking about my own...!

That’s right, elect me and every member of the constituency will get a free copy of my wealth creation course for the discounted price of $197. Want a Ferrari in your driveway – vote for me! Want a conservatory extension – vote for me!

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