This man tried to blow up a building this week, but you almost certainly didn't hear about him

Harris County Sheriff's Office

A man from Texas has been arrested for attempting to participate in a bomb plot and transport explosive materials.

According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, Cary Lee Ogborn appeared before a federal magistrate on Monday afternoon.

The owner of a marine repair shop, Ogborn has previous run ins with the law, including illegal possession of a firearm in 2013, driving with a suspended licence in 2004 and committing insurance fraud in 1996.

Ogborn used an encrypted network (rendering his IP address unidentifiable) to obtain explosives from an illegal weapons marketplace on the internet.

In August he sent a message to a vendor, in which he stated his intention to use the material to blow up a building. According to the Washington Post Ogborn said:

Dont need big explosion...just need to make sure building 20 ft x 40 ft made of wood burns to the ground.

The building in question was being used as a residential property, but Ogborn said in a message to the vendor that he did not mean to kill the person living there.

Person will not be there when set off. Dont [sic] want to kill, just send message.

The vendor that Ogborn contacted was an undercover FBI agent. Their investigation into Ogborn found that he had previously placed 32 orders on the illegal marketplace.

Speaking to the agent on September 14 Ogborn explained his plan for the explosives:

The idea we have for this person is, while he sleeping we put grenade in back of truck and run to our car 20 to 30 meters away, then the truck blow up, he heres [sic] truck blow up and come outside while he outside we blow up house.

Ogborn was arrested shortly after retrieving a package from a post office, which he believed contained explosives strong enough to maim or kill a man.

The identity of Ogborn's target remains undisclosed.

The news of this foiled plot was overshadowed by the bomb that detonated in Chelsea, New York City on Saturday night.

The hive mind of Twitter has been focusing its attention on Islam since the events on September 17 and the arrest of Ahmad Khan Rahami on Monday.

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