This news reporter gave an incredible tribute to Phife Dawg on live TV

Malik Taylor, better known to the world as Phife Dawg, of hip-hop trio A Tribe Called Quest, died on Wednesday at the age of 45.

To give him a touching send-off, WSB-TV reporter Mark Arum rapped lyrics from a number of their songs, including Check The Rhime, Oh My God and Jazz (We've Got) in his report on the state of local traffic in Atlanta, Georgia.

He starts with the 1993 song Award Tour, and mixes it up:

A (Traffic) Tribe Called Quest

Can he kick it? Yes he can. And THAT'S what we call a tribute! Mark Arum WSB dropped A Tribe Called Quest lyrics in his traffic reports to honor Phife Dawg, who passed away this morning. Read more about the legend:

Posted by WSB-TV on Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Yeah this rush hour come on with more hits than the Braves or the Yankees

Fred Warren award tour with Mark McKay my man going each and every place with traffic tracker two in his hand.

He asks his correspondent:

Mark McCay are things ludicrously speedy or infectious with the slow-mo?

To which McKay responds with:

Infectious with the slow-mo currently.

Arum goes on to say:

Eighty Five is stacked and packed and heading into Midtown Atlanta Fred with a crash out to four hundred

Tell your mother, tell your father send a telegram - what can you show us Mark McKay?

News anchor Fred Blankenship doesn’t miss a beat:

The definition of traffic comes sideways and straightways. Right now Mark Arum is taking a look at trouble on the South Side

To which Mark responds with more Award Tour lyrics:

Yeah we had a report of trouble on the South Side on I-675 on his way to check out that issue, Mark McKay’s track record’s longer than a DC20 aircraft

Mark McKay do that - do that - do -do -that- that - that

Blankenship asks Arun if they were 'on point':

Oh we’re on point Fred, absolutely, seeing extra lays in from Stone Mountain freeway

Highway 78 one for the trouble two for the base

You know the style Mark McKay it’s time to flip this

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