This unsuspecting mother followed a YouTube tutorial to deliver her own baby

Photo: iSTOCK/FatCamera/Twitter/@TheWittleDemon
Photo: iSTOCK/FatCamera/Twitter/@TheWittleDemon

Whether it's recipes you need, a quick WebMD diagnosis (though we wouldn't recommend this) or a last-minute hotel reservation, there's not much you can't find out online.

But 22-year-old Tia Freeman took this a step further, using the internet to help her deliver her own baby in a Turkish hotel room during a layover on a flight to Germany.

She said that she hadn't known she was pregnant for a while and wasn't about to let the news affect her plans to visit a close friend in Stuttgart, she explained on Twitter.

She hopped on the flight as planned. It was at this point that she started getting cramps, which she initially attributed to food poisoning.

It was only as the pain got worse while she queued for customs that she began to question things.

Her circumstances slowly dawned on her: she was alone in a foreign country, and she was in labour. So, naturally, she turned to YouTube.

Following the tutorial, she ran herself a warm bath and set a timer on her phone; when the contractions were two minutes apart, she would begin to push.

And push she did! Within a few minutes, she had given birth to a healthy, buoyant baby.

But there was still one hurdle to overcome: the umbilical cord.

In lieu of clamps, she boiled her shoelaces and used them as a makeshift replacement, cutting her own cord with a knife.

After proving that she wasn't trying to smuggle her own newborn baby, airline staff and press swarmed her with gifts and turned her story into national news.

Naturally, Twitter has been quick to praise her quick thinking, endurance and ability to stay calm under even the most extreme pressure.

She shrugged it off, responding to comments that she's a superhero with one simple point:

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