A woman who has never had sex before is expecting a baby in June.

The 29-year-old woman in question, who revealed only her first name ‘Lauren’, used a sperm donor to get pregnant, Vice’sSarah Berman reports.

Coming from a religious Manitoban community in Canada, Lauren decided that she didn’t want to have sex, but wanted to have a baby, and sought out a fertility clinic to make it happen.

Far from a choice motivated by her faith, she said she used to make “jokes” about those who told her she couldn’t have a baby because she wasn’t married. “It’s the opposite of a religious reason,” she said.

Dating, she adds, feels “pointless” for her:

I remember when I had an online dating profile the first comment I got was, ‘Do you want to come sit on my face?’ For one, does that actually work on anyone?

indy100 spoke with Dr Geetha Venkat, director of Harley Street Fertility Clinic about a virgin pregnancy.

How common is something like this?

In my experience, I haven’t come across this kind of thing.

We haven’t come across such a patient but we do lots of egg freezing and we get lots of virgin girls freezing their eggs. They want to do it properly with their partner. But they don’t want to miss the biological clock.

I have patients coming from Dubai, China and [the UK]  freezing eggs. I am one of the few doctors who can do abdominal egg collection because not many are experienced in this. One of my [current] patients flew in from Beijing. 

How does a fertility clinic appointment differ for a virgin?

We cannot do any [initial] procedure through the vagina. We cannot go into the vagina. We cannot disturb the hymen, therefore what we have to do is an abdominal scan which is not close to the uterus and ovaries which… difficult to see. We do blood tests, check the hormones. We collect the eggs abdominally. No ultra scan. The insemination will have to have been done through the vagina.

Will the baby’s development and birth be affected by this?

The baby’s growth will not be affected by this. [Any] complications can occur in any woman – not necessarily just this virgin lady.

There are no special issues with pregnancy because of this. 

A survey in 2013 claimed that one in every 200 women in the US reported to have become pregnant without having sexual intercourse.

Of these women, 31% said they had signed a chastity pledge whereby they vow not to have sex, usually for religious reasons.

H/T Vice

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