Hilarious video makes a good case for why Canada should be president of the US

The Canada Party is here to save America from itself.

How? They're proposing the US votes for Canada as the next leader of the free world.

Hello America it’s us, Canada. As your whitest neighbour, we realise you don’t think about us very much. But that's OK! Sometimes being on your radar isn't a good thing.

But we in Canada are concerned about you people down there...

... And I think I speak for all Canadians when I say, 'What the f**k?'

And what is this? What is it? Did America lose a bet or something?

You know you can trust this man because he is wearing a nifty jumper.

We are once again declaring our Canada-cy for President of the United States of America. Not me, not Prime Minister Centrefold, but all of us - 34million of the politest people you will ever meet.

Policy plans include opening a daycare centre for every closed Planned Parenthood and legalising weed so "you can stop worrying about terrorists and start worrying about whether your cat is stealing your ideas."

And as one commenter wrote [sic]:

ahahahahahahaha....hi Canada,I'm a huge fan, please, do the World a big favor...... do win the U.S Election!

Watch the full video below:

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