This woman is disrupting news broadcasts in Charleston

This woman is disrupting news broadcasts in Charleston

After the murder of nine black churchgoers in Charleston this week, there is understandably a lot of sadness, pain and anger in the US, especially among African Americans.

But sometimes that voice doesn't get heard, and this week we have heard a lot about the conservative right's response to the shooting, and not from people who this seemingly racist violence affects the most.

One woman has been attempting to vocalise this anger by interrupting news broadcasts, first on CNN where she can be heard repeatedly saying "white people are terrorists".

The woman, whose name we don't know, labels president Barack Obama and black anchor Don Lemon as "uncle Tom" figures.

A day later, she reappeared during a Fox News broadcast, but only to silently hold up a sign that read "angry black woman".

As Gawker has pointed out, it seems odd that none of the anchors, visitors to a city that is probably her home, didn't think to ask her why.

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