This dad turns his son's drawings into the most amazing artwork

Thomas Romain/Twitter/Screengrab

One man's scribbles are another man's work of art.

Thomas Romain (@thomasintokyo), French artist and animator based in Tokyo, has become a viral sensation for artistically re-producing his sons' drawings.

In an interview with Mashable, he explained that using digital tools for his illustrations had left him missing simple paint.

Meanwhile, his two sons, eight years old and ten years old respectively, were doodling with pencils and paper.

In an interview with Mashable, he explained that he was surprised by the creativity of his sons' drawings: "I thought they were very cool — the colour, the shapes, the ideas and looking at them inspired me."

I wanted to redraw them with my own professional skills to make them proud of their own creativity, and simply to have fun.

I thought it would be very interesting to compare the two artworks at the end, too.

Using the drawings as a basis, Romain creatively re-imagines the images with professional paints.

He then posts the two images side by side, in a series he calls 'Father and Sons Design Workshop'.

“My sons were really impressed by the result. They loved it. So I told them to create more drawings for me, and we started a series.”

Romain's venture went viral immediately.

"Using kids' drawings as original design material to create, I can get results I couldn't have achieved by myself", he told BuzzFeed.

Romain plans to turn the project into a book, but until then he'll continue the series with about one post per week.

It will be inspiring for the people who like to draw, and it would be also a great book for parents and children to look at together.

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