Thousands raised for abandoned Down Syndrome baby

Thousands raised for abandoned Down Syndrome baby

A viral campaign has raised more than $60,000 to help Gammy, a six-month-old baby whose parents abandoned him after finding out he had Down Syndrome.

Gammy’s Australian parents, who have remained anonymous, reportedly employed 21-year-old Thai woman Pattharamon Janbua as a surrogate via an agent who offered her $11,700.

Ms Janbua found she was carrying twins soon after doctors injected the Australian woman's fertilised eggs into her uterus and was offered an extra $1,673 to have the second baby, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

But when tests showed one of the embryos had Down Syndrome, the couple asked her to have an abortion.

Ms Pattharamon refused on religious grounds and when her babies were born the girl was taken away by the agent leaving Gammy, who also has a heart defect, with her. Ms Pattharamon said she lied to the Australian embassy in Bangkok about the births because of the threat over never being paid, although the agent still owes her money.

Now a ‘hope for Gammy’ campaign has raised more than $63,306 via ‘Go Fund Me’ after Bangkok’s Thai Rath newspaper reported on Ms Pattharamon and her family’s plight. All the funds will pay for medical treatment for Gammy.

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