‘Joy personified’ TikTok trainspotter signs with global talent agency

Francis Bourgeois has risen to TikTok fame as a digital content creator with a passion for trains (Francis Bourgeois, @francis_bourgeois43)
Francis Bourgeois has risen to TikTok fame as a digital content creator with a passion for trains (Francis Bourgeois, @francis_bourgeois43)

TikTok’s favourite trainspotter Francis Bourgeois has said he is “so excited” to sign with international talent agency YMU Group.

The star, whose real name is Luke Nicolson, has quickly become a celebrity on the video-sharing app by documenting his adoration for trains and the wholesome adventures they lead him on, amassing a following of two million on the platform.

His rise to TikTok fame has even allowed the young trainspotter to collaborate with former Arsenal forward and football hero Thierry Henry who made an appearance in one of Mr Bourgeois’ videos.

His content has now accumulated nearly 34 million likes on TikTok and Mr Bourgeois said he is excited to have acquired global representation with YMU’s Books division.

“I am so excited to be joining YMU. Everyone I have met at YMU has been smiley, warm and welcoming,” he said.

“I am really looking forward to exploring new avenues whilst continuing my trainspotting videos with the goal of elevating the world of trains and engineering, as well as spreading happiness and joy in general.”

The transport expert has worked with brand partners such as Asos and Puma capturing TikTok users’ hearts with his unbounded excitement and comical head camera, which shows distorted footage of his head as his favourite trains pass by.

Managing director of YMU’s Books division called Mr Bourgeois “joy personified”.

“Francis is joy personified. His content is original and refreshing and unique… everyone needs more Francis Bourgeois in their lives,” Amanda Harris said.

The agent who signed the TikTok star, Millie Lean, described his content as “a ray of sunshine”.

“I’m delighted to welcome Francis Bourgeois to YMU. He’s quickly established his innovative digital content as a ray of sunshine on social media, where he spreads pure, unadulterated joy through his love of trains,” Ms Lean said.

“We look forward to collaborating with him on projects in exciting new areas.”

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